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Richard and Judy Book Club Video Interviews


We love to meet the authors and hear more about the books we have chosen for the Book Club. Watch our exclusive interviews, see some fantastic trailers and get to know more about our favourite reads. Don’t forget to tell us what you think and share what you find with others.

Latest Video

Watch the interview with Jennifer McVeigh author of The Fever Tree

In the late 19th C a young doctor wrote in his diary about a smallpox epidemic in the African diamond mines and how the diamond magnates tried to cover it up. Watch Jennifer McVeigh tell us about how that entry inspired the novel. Also, she tells us about her personal reflections on the situation of women living 130 years ago and the British Empire in this exclusive interview for the Book Club. Read More

Most Watched Video

Watch the interview with John Green author of The Fault In Our Stars

How was a friendship that was struck at a Harry Potter conference responsible for The Fault In Our Stars? John Green tells us about this, as well as a bit about his belief in the intellectual capability of teenagers and his experiences as a chaplain in a children’s hospital in Richard and Judy’s exclusive interview for the winner of the Spring Book Club in 2013. Read More